Yield Harvest and Distribution

New native asset rewards, earned from providing liquidity to a strategy or staking BIOS, are distributed to the user every time yield is harvested from the 0xNODES Strategies. Users manage their rewarded yield through system11.0xnodes.io (i.e., view yield, claim/withdrawal yield, or enter yield into a strategy).

The 0xNODES yield harvester is the protocol that distributes rewards to users as claimable native assets. To liquidate yield the protocol periodically harvests funds deployed into high-performing pools by 0xNODES Strategies. The protocol updates the annual percentage rate (APR) for each strategy on the system11.0xnodes.io and 0xNODES subgraphs.

The protocol distributes yield into four proportions, based on distribution weights set in the YieldManager contract:

  1. Strategy Rewards: % of yield distributed to the holders of a given strategy, in the form of native assets. Users who deposit native assets into strategies receive the largest proportion of the yield.

  2. BIOS Protocol Fee Accrual (PFA): % of yield distributed to $BIOS stakers on the current chain, in the form of native assets.

  3. BIOS buyback: % of yield used to the market buy of $BIOS

  4. Treasury Account: % of yield used to cover gas for system transactions, future development and maintenance of the platform, and investment losses as indicated.

Distribution weights vary based on market conditions; users can view current weights on the 0xNODES website or by querying the getEthDistributionWeights ABI methods of the chain's Yield Manager contract.

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