Welcome to 0xNODES

0xNODES is a modularized cross chain yield aggregation protocol utilizing collateralized assets through synthetic swaps.

  • On 0xNODES, users stake the native asset of the chain to earn native asset rewards. For example, an Ethereum user stakes ETH (or WETH) and earn ETH rewards.

  • Users choose strategies to stake their assets on. The system batches together user funds and deploys them to the underlying DeFi protocol integrations.

  • A system yield-harvesting processor periodically harvests and liquidates accrued yield, distributing the rewards back to the users as claimable native asset rewards.

  • (coming soon) Users can choose strategies that deploy and harvest yield from multiple different chains. Users still only need their native chain assets, and receives all yield in native asset. 0xNODES Interconnects technology means that users never need to bridge funds or deal with multiple gas tokens.

Starting on 0xNODES

As a decentralized application, you don't need an account to use 0xNODES. All you need is a crypto wallet.

To use the 0xNODES system, you must have:

  1. A MetaMask wallet, learn how to set one up here.

  2. Native tokens for gas and staking on the chain you choose to use. That means if you want to use 0xNODES on Ethereum you will need ETH, on Polygon you will need MATIC, etc.

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