How To Withdraw Funds

To withdraw assets, first connect your wallet to the chain where your assets reside. Then withdraw your assets from the kernel into your wallet. Your native assets and $BIOS that exist in the kernel can be withdrawn at the same time with a single transaction. When conducting a withdrawal, you will need to approve access to your wallet.

To withdraw assets that you have invested in strategy, first exit the strategy. When you exit the strategy, you can move some or all of your native assets into the kernel. Once your funds are in the kernel, you can choose to withdraw funds into your wallet or to re-invest the funds into another strategy.

To withdraw assets from strategies on the Metis Andromeda network, you must hold and redeem your strategy token that you received when entering the strategy.

To withdraw $BIOS that you staked, simply withdraw the assets from the kernel. This will automatically unstake your $BIOS and transfer them to your wallet. Make sure you are connected to the appropriate network. For example, if your $BIOS is staked on Ethereum, connect your wallet to the Ethereum network.

Please note that when you exit a strategy, your strategy asset balances are updated in the accounting contract. If you wish to enter another strategy, you may do so immediately. If you wish to withdraw your assets from the system completely, you may have to wait until the strategy’s funds are rebalanced to withdraw the funds to your wallet. The kernel maintains a reserve balance so that most user withdrawals will not usually encounter this. Rebalancing is part of the aggregation operation that allows 0xNODES to generate maximum yield for users at reduced costs; specifically, the platform batches all user assets when it deploys funds into a strategy, performing operations on all funds at once for massive efficiency gains.

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